Chevening Awards Malaysia 2015/16

Scholarship Info Chevening Scholarships are awarded to talented professionals who are potential future leaders, decision-makers, and opinion formers. The scholarships not only offer financial support for a Master's degree at the UK's leading universities, but the opportunity to become part of an influential and highly regarded global … [Read more...]

OYL Malaysia Scholarship Programme 2014

Scholarship Info OYL Group comprises of AAF International, J&E Hall and OYLM Group. OYL Group has manufacturing facilities in 10 countries and marketing offices in 18 countries. Our products are marketed in more than 100 countries. Globally, OYL Group employs a total of over 12,000 people in Asia, America, Australia, Middle East and … [Read more...]

Nigeria LNG Limited Post-Graduate Scholarship Scheme 2015

Applications are now being accepted into the Nigeria LNG Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme for entry into Masters Programmes in the United Kingdom in September 2015. Application form for the scholarships can be downloaded here or click the download tab.  Completed application form, along with an attached coloured passport photograph of the … [Read more...]

List of Scholarships For Nigerian Students

A good number of scholarships are available for Undergraduate students in Nigeria, Below is a compiled list of Undergraduate Scholarships and the monetary value awarded to beneficiaries: List of Scholarships For Nigerian Students and Their Worth 1. Agbami Medical & Engineering Scholarship For 100/200L Worth: Medical awardees = N200, … [Read more...]